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Independent Fostering Agency Services - Re-Opening 2019
This procurement is for the Re-Opening of the Independent Fostering Agency Placement Framework Agreement that was originally let in 2016. Further information about the framework can be found in the Procurement Documents.
The Councils have the following needs from Independent Fostering Agency Placements:

• Foster carers for children of all ages, but particularly for older children aged 10-15 years. Foster carers who can meet higher levels of need, complexity and risk.
• Foster carers who can care for sibling groups – particularly large sibling groups.
• Foster carers who care for parent and child placements
• Foster carers who can care for disabled children– especially with adapted homes. Some will have complex medical needs and some may have a limited life expectancy.
• Foster carers who are registered for only one child to meet the need for solo placements.
• Foster carers who can care for Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers and with an awareness/willingness to work in partnership to meet their immediate immigration, health and educational needs.
• In addition, the Councils are particularly looking for local, well-matched placements, including education provision, and with commitment to the best interests of the child.
• Intensively Supported foster care placements as an alternative to residential care.
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