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Emergency Alarm and other monitoring MTC
Southampton City Council (SCC) provides an emergency monitoring service for over 3,800 elderly/vulnerable people living independently within supported housing through warden call systems. These systems provide emergency support and assistance that are potentially life critical to our customers. For this reason there are robust business continuity arrangements in place to ensure that this service remains fully operational 24/7. The successful contractor will be expected to observe the critical nature of these systems and ensure that the appropriate response is given, especially to critical events when the service is unavailable to customers. The range of services required include, but is not limited to: Emergency alarm systems; Small number of access control systems to residential blocks Remote monitoring including rooftop plant rooms (e.g. Weston). The purpose of this contract is to provide a comprehensive, high quality and cost-effective planned preventative and reactive maintenance service with a single company for a period of 36 months extension, subject to a quality review.
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