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Priory Road (Southampton) Property Level Protection Scheme - Supply and Installation of Property Level Protection Measures to Residential Properties
In 2015, Southampton City Council (SCC) successfully completed the Belsize Flood Resilience Project funded by the Defra Community Resilience Pathfinder Scheme. The project reduced flood risk to 41 properties through a mix of Property Level Protection (PLP) and a community level flood wall. During the project, a study into the understanding of flood risk interactions was commissioned revealing that flood risk in the area had previously been underestimated, placing more properties in the very significant flood category. In May 2016, SCC applied for a Local Levy Grant from the Environment Agency to extend the roll out of PLP to the newly identified at risk properties. The aim of the Priory Road Property Level Protection scheme is to reduce the impact of flooding to a further thirty residential properties which have been identified as being within the very significant risk category through the flood risk interactions work undertaken as part of the Belsize Flood Resilience Project. The residential properties in this project consist of a mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced properties.
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