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Southampton Play & Youth Opportunities
Southampton City Council is undertaking a market consultation exercise with providers of play and youth services, and wish to invite interested stakeholders to an engagement event to help scope service specifications and our approach to the procurement of play and youth opportunities for children and young people in Southampton. This is a follow up to the event held on 8th December 2017 - if you did not attend in December, we would still welcome your attendance.
The event will be taking place on 17th April 2018 between 14:30-16:30, at the following address:
Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group
Oakley Road
SO16 4GX

We want to hear your ideas on how we can best meet these needs, what will help us towards successful commissioning of suitable services and how we can help improve play and youth opportunities for children and young people in Southampton.
If you are interested in attending this event please confirm via the Curtis Fitch portal by 13th April 2018. Once we have your email we will confirm your place and provide you with further information about the event.
It is not the intention to impart any information at these meetings that wouldn’t be included within the Tender Specification. Organisations who take part in this consultation will not have any advantage over those who do not. Similarly organisations not taking part in the consultation will not be disadvantaged.
This market consultation process is being run by Capita Business Services Limited (“Capita”) on behalf of the Council under a Strategic Services Outsource. The contract between the Council and Capita provides for information submitted as part of this Market Consultation exercise to be treated as confidential by Capita to ensure all organisations are treated equally and in a non-discriminatory way during the market consultation exercise. The Council and Capita shall maintain a system of management processes, barriers, disciplines and confidentiality undertakings to ensure there is no conflict of interest in the process and to prevent any disclosure to any Capita employee involved in submitting a response of any confidential information from other organisations. Information submitted by organisations will not be used by Capita for any other purpose than the provision of services to the Council under the Strategic Services Outsource.
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