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Above 100k: Housing for People with Complex Learning Disability Needs
Southampton’s Integrated Commissioning Unit (ICU), made up from Southampton City Council (SCC) and Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCCG) partners are in the process of preparing to procure a range of bespoke accommodation solutions for a range of client groups. Initially, the aim is to establish good quality housing solutions for over 50 adults with learning disabilities who have a range of complex needs, including behaviours that challenge.

Following the Winterbourne View Hospital findings, the Government issued requirements to local authorities and health services. These requirements included a review of current hospital placements for people with a learning disability with complex needs, placements made out of area and those at risk of admission and to ensure we have well developed, local models of housing and support that can meet the identified needs. Winterbourne View – Time for Change provides further information.

The development of innovative housing solutions including the use of telecare will allow for a more individualised approach allowing care services to be commissioned separately so that care and housing can be delivered more appropriately and meet the changing needs of individuals. As housing and/ or care needs of individuals change, so the solutions be adapted as the care and housing elements will be separate- unlike in many residential care settings.
The project will focus firstly on those 58 individuals currently identified but it is envisaged that the scope of the project may develop further alongside other work streams within the ICU.

This is a two stage process with this first stage looking to establish that providers have the necessary experience and expertise in the development of housing solutions for adults with complex needs. This will lead to a housing development partnership being compiled and those housing providers who form part of the framework being able to compete for contracts to develop housing solutions as described above.
Providers who are successful in the first stage will be placed on the housing partnership, but will be under no obligation to tender for any of the future contracts, and will not be guaranteed any future work.

These future contracts will take the form of individualised housing specifications, advertised on the portal. Providers who are on the partnership will be invited to submit their proposals to meet the identified needs of the individuals including whether their solution will require some grant funding (a maximum of £1.5m being available for this project).
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