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Above 100k - Domestic Violence Review Lot 1 - Prevention and Early Intervention
Southampton City Council (the ‘Council’) in partnership with Southampton City CCG (the ‘CCG’) is seeking to appoint service provider(s) to deliver a range of domestic abuse and sexual violence services. These services have been split into two LOTS: the first will cover prevention, early intervention and the second,refuge services. These services will form a key and integral part of a wider integrated service model that will deliver significant improvements across Southampton for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.
The prevention and early intervention service will be available to individuals, including families, identified at low/medium and low risk and living in Southampton. The service(s) will be proactive in the early identification of individuals and families where domestic abuse and sexual violence is present.
Services will encompass education and public awareness, identification and access to advice and support, community development and recovery services.
The refuge service will seek to provide a minimum of 10 refuge spaces and welcomes providers who see potential to provide more refuge spaces as a result of efficiencies with wider service opportunities. The refuge service will also include support to individuals and families in the refuge, resettlement as well as developing voluntary and peer support.
These services will be implemented through a phase implementation approach, reflecting the current contract and grant arrangements, with the long term view of having all services combined within and as part of a much wider integrated domestic violence service model across Southampton.
Phase 1 (part of LOT 1) will commence in November 2015 and provide a range of prevention and early intervention services with the local community. These services will expand in April 2016 (remainder of LOT 1) with additional funding redeployed from the Voluntary sector grants. The 3rd phase (LOT 2) will commence in August 2016 and cover the provision of refuge spaces.
The final annual value will be in the region of £380,000 to £430,000 per annum. The split between the two LOTs is not specified but likely to be in the region of £170,00 to £200,000 for LOT 1 and £110,00 to £130,000 for LOT 2. The total annual value wlil be achieved incrementally through the three phases outlined above.
Submissions are invited for either the Prevention & Early intervention service or the provision or refuge spaces. Equally submissions that seek to combine both the prevention and early intervention service with the provision of refuge spaces are welcomed.
The services must be delivered in a manner that reflects the City’s diverse population to include, (but not restricted to) older people, BME and transition groups (young people turning 18).
The tender process will be two staged with the first stage being the completion of a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). This will allow the council and CCG to produce a shortlist of potential providers who will be invited to tender at the second stage of the tender process.
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