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Lift Replacements & Associated Works (Albion, Redbridge & Shirley Towers, Southampton)
This bidding opportunity is for the replacement of 2 No aging lifts within each of three Southampton City Council Tower Blocks - Albion Towers, Redbridge Towers & Shirley Towers; together with all associated works which will include the design, all associated electrical works, all necessary builders work and asbestos removal, etc (as required).
The successful Contractor will also be expected to assume the role of Principal Contractor under the CDM Regulations 2015 and will be responsible for all necessary resident liaison .
In addition the successful Contractor will also be required to enter into a Term Service Contract for the new lift installations to provide Maintenance and Callout services.
Invitations are sought from either management contractors where the lift supply and installation element is subcontracted or from lift manufacturers and installers with building contractor support.
Value of Contract
£2,500,000 - £3,000,000
Estimated Annual Value
Publication Date
Listing Deadline
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