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Contractor Frameworks (Response Repairs & Minor Works)
The requirement is to establish a range of call-off frameworks that can support Southampton City Council’s (SCC) in-house teams in delivering response repairs & minor works to residential dwellings, civic buildings, and other properties and sites owned, managed or leased by SCC; all to agreed standards and in a timely, consistent, cost effective and safe manner. Each of the following workstream frameworks are being offered as separate bidding opportunities but contractors may bid for one or more provided that they can demonstrate that they meet the stated qualifying criteria for each:-
Lot 1: General Building & Maintenance Works Lot 2: Roofing Repairs Lot 3: Scaffolding Lot 4: Glazing & Window Repairs Lot 5: Drainage Surveys, Clearance & Repairs Lot 6: Flooring Lot 7: Locksmith Services Lot 8: Carpentry Lot 9: Damp-proofing, Timber Treatment & Associated Repairs
Further details are included within the suite of bid documentation.
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