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Sholing Junior School - ICT Suite Conversion
"Conversion of the existing ICT Suite to a General Classroom at Sholing Junior School, Middle Road, Sholing, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 8PT

Southampton City Council invites applications from suitably experienced contractors who wish to tender for the Classroom Conversion Works at Sholing Junior School. The project is to include Converting the current ICT Suite into a general classroom/teaching space.

Deadlines for submission of Tenders is to be by 2.00pm on Friday 22nd July 2015. The expected duration of the works is 3 weeks (10/08/2015 - 28/08/2015) with one week for mobilisation prior to this (31/07/2015 - 07/08/2015). The dates are critical and cannot be moved. The School must have use of the classroom on 01/09/2015.

Whilst every effort has been made to consider the full scope of the requirement the Contracting Authority does not guarantee the volume of goods/service/works required resulting from this tender or that it will accept any tender on completion of the tender exercise. A performance bond, and/or parent company guarantee in the case of a subsidiary company, may be required. Main financing condition and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions regulating to them will be indicated in the Tender documents. Award of tender will be the most economically advantageous tender received, the criteria for selection of which will be indicated in the tender documents. The contracting authority undertake to use reasonable endeavours to hold confidential any information provided in the proposal submitted, subject to the contracting authority's obligations under law, including the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If the applicant considers that any of the information submitted in the proposal should not be disclosed because of its sensitivity then this should be stated with the reason for considering it sensitive. The contracting authority will then consider the sensitivity statement before replying to any request received under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Tender documents or notice of non-acceptance, as appropriate will be issued to all applicants."
Value of Contract
The estimated works value range is £30,000 - £50,000.
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