Welcome to the Southampton City Council sourcing portal.

Please enter your organisation's details as requested in the next screen. We also request that you select the types of goods / services that your organisation has demonstrable experience in providing. This will help us to better understand your business and capabilities, and target tender opportunities to match your expertise.

With the necessary information at hand, the form should take approximately 20 - 30 minutes to complete.

This questionnaire asks you to confirm if there are any Mandatory or Discretionary reasons that can prevent your organisation from tendering with Southampton City Council and there is a final stage, which is a declaration.

Including these questions in the registration enables us to gather information on your organisation once, rather than repeatedly asking you to complete for each tender. We hope this will make it easier for you to respond to suitable opportunities.

Kindly register your organisation once. You are able to include additional contacts on the Organisation and contact details.


The Registration Process:


  •  Requires company information, and areas of expertise.


  •  Require Yes/No answers relating to declarations of company standing.


  • Requires a confirmation that the response is accurate.


The registration process is split into two stages, please refer to the help tab located on the Southampton City Council sourcing portal to access the user guides on how to register. 

The contact details entered will be the details (email address) that will receive communications and invitations to participate in sourcing events. We suggest that this goes to a shared email address to avoid your company missing out on these.

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